Future Minds: Testimonials & reviews

“This book is a crusade for slow thinking: a relaxed and funny read that is part guide to a digital age, part compilation of anecdotes and part warning about the seduction of digital speed... it is refreshing to see Watson taking his own message to heart and for the most part writing slowly and thoughtfully.” Australian Financial Review, Boss magazine

“The subject at the heart of this book is one that should concern everyone involved in education, namely the effect of digital technology on our thinking and critical skills. This book is a follow-up to Richard Watson's Future Files and is certainly thought-provoking. Chapter titles effectively encapsulate some of the issues: "The Rise of the Screenager", "Pre-Teens: An Apple for Every Teacher", "Thinking about Thinking" and perhaps most illustrative of all, “The Sex Life of Ideas”... The author is incisive in his ability to decipher future needs, but this book provides more questions than answers. The problems are well stated, the solutions are less clear. Controlling technology lies at the heart of the solution and, as educationalists, we need to be aware of the dangers of our current indulgences. We can do little more.” Times Education Supplement

“A well-written and authoritative work with a very interesting insight into the future development of our brains etc—both negative and positive views.” Amazon.co.uk review (*****)

“His message does matter. His book is essential reading. We in the western world are in danger of losing our humanity and our capacity to direct our minds and our lives. FUTURE MINDS can help us to awaken from a machine-induced sleep and begin to reclaim ourselves and our future.” Amazon.com review (*****)