Future Minds book cover

Future Minds

Our world has changed... dramatically. Designers have unveiled the world’s first child-care robot; children as young as five are spending up to eight hours a day in front of screens; the average teen sends as many as 2,000 texts a month; machines are competing with our minds for employment and soon they will compete for our affection.

We’re rocketing into the digital age at breakneck speed: a culture of rapid response with no time for reflection or focus. Losing the ability to think with depth or empathy, we are in danger of raising a new generation that has plenty of instant answers but no deep questions or relationships.

Drawing on the latest research, this book looks at the ways that screen culture is shaping the future and changing the way we think. Future Minds asks: are we becoming addicted to data and how do we go about starting a digital diet, urgently?

In this book you’ll find thought-provoking and practical suggestions about reclaiming the space and time to think deeply.

This is for anyone who’s curious about rethinking their thinking or unleashing the extraordinary potential of the human mind, whether you want to find out about the benefits of boredom, the myth of multi-tasking, constant partial stupidity or the sex life of ideas.

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